Business challenges – production company

Production Management

• A number of machines, lines, and manufacture cells is larger and it is harder to manage the production flow?
• Failures of production machines cause too long stoppages, thus expensiveness?
• Production efficiency (people, machines) leaves much to be desired, because there is no efficient tool, which would suggest – how much and where to produce?
• There is no high-speed monitoring of the usage of employees, as well as their assigned to the given production order, and therefore the employees aren’t well supervised?
• Is the competition able to produce the same product cheaper and faster?
• There are too many situations of unnecessary rearming of the machine?
• We cannot smoothly carry out production orders, because there are lacks in raw materials?
• Along with business development, we use even more files of products (structures of products, BOM) with their individual versions?
• Increase in production cause more considerable problems with the quality?
• The company wants to implement changes in the production, but the current software doesn’t allow for it?
• There are situations of overloading with a number of orders on the given machine or production position?


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