ERP implementation in a production and service company

Production and design of pumping, water and sewage systems.

In my opinion, large companies are very popular SAP because everything is done in it. There are no problems with its expansion, but few companies do it because it is very expensive. Similar flexibility is in other ERP systems at the mid-sized companies to which we belong. The system can be freely developed and it is relatively cheap …

Capital-related production and service companies operate on the market of pump systems and water and wastewater technologies. The first is the designer and manufacturer of the device, while the other is servicing. Business growth led to a situation where the lack of integrated tools such as ERP was increasingly felt. The programs used in the various departments were of a good standard. Still, their lack of full integration has become a barrier not to jump. So the company decided to implement the ERP system.

The company derives from the university environment. The designs of the hydrophobic kits developed there over time have achieved commercial success. Scientists have always been an important part of the company’s staff. This enabled the production of innovative products, but also became apparent in good management. This approach has provided a competitive advantage. Over time, the company became a leader in the sales of firefighting and fire pumping units. Now the goal is to reach the same position in the other areas where the company operates.

The key element for the company is production. Each of the devices manufactured or even whole systems are designed individually for the customer’s needs. These are big, expensive investments. So other customers are the customers or the public institutions.

The rapid development has led to the situation of every growing company. Larger organizations require more formalization of activities. Information flow must also be better, because in a large structure it is more difficult. There were also signs of the effects of having several programs in different departments.

Challenge before ERP implementation (1)

Although the company has always invested in IT, some of the problems can not be solved with existing tools. Specific departments (such as accounting, magazine, sales) worked on their systems, which worked well in the company. However, the lack of opportunities for their full integration has become a barrier. Work was done because often the same data had to be entered by different departments into different programs. This in turn increased the risk of information inconsistencies.

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