ERP for Operations Director

In cases where information is stored in separate systems and analyzed and processed for manual transfer, the Operations Director does not have the opportunity to make timely decisions.


With an ERP system that supports standardization and consistency of processes, it can focus on optimizing resource allocation and cost reduction, while maintaining customer service quality.



      • Sustainable management of own production and outsourcing
      • Calculation of actual costs of activities
      • Dynamic management of plans and schedules according to changing requirements
      • Better planning due to the increase in the number of foreign customers
      • Lack of coherence of processes implemented by key employees
      • Inconsistent and inconsistent assessments resulting from the need for manual reporting




          • Need to log in to multiple systems
          • Delays in acquiring elementary data and reports from the IT system Requiring manually entering data into multiple sheets to integrate data from multiple systems
          • Frequent meetings to control the flow of information between individuals and processes
          • Communicate changes to your orders using email, phone calls, or off-line billing
          • Informal sales discussions about anticipated demand and planning
          • Use of out-of-order price lists for quotes and quotes
          • Material costs increase due to lack of integration between material planning and production activities
          • Decline in quality resulting from insufficient information on the elimination of deficiencies and complaints
          • Reduced productivity and inadequate work planning due to lack of demand information
          • Additional tracking personnel and their allocation
          • Inefficient use of available resources due to improper maintenance planning
          • Inadequate planning of sales and operations, resulting in inefficient use of resources and material planning



ERP for Operations Director – BENEFITS



            • One source of all information
            • Ability to configure automatically generated reports
            • Immediate access to inventory information and availability, valuation and execution status
            • Immediate reporting for company executives, finance, demand, and sales
            • Cost-based project monitoring
            • Flexible schedule for immediate response. The ability to standardize the process of planning the sales process and operations
            • Reduced storage costs
            • Improve quality and reduce defects
            • Integration of demand planning, material planning and operational activities as part of the sales planning process and operational activities
            • Better assessment of resource utilization optimization
            • Improving the quality of execution of contracts and commitments
            • Production optimization thanks to more efficient inventory shifts
            • Better use of resources
            • Accurate pricing for accurate margins


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