ERP System for Sales Manager

Without flexible ERP software, a sales manager or sales manager can only react to the changes, rather than anticipating them. Instead of focusing on improving sales results, it must collect and compile data from multiple sources.


The implementation of the ERP system allows to systematize and standardize these processes. This allows the sales manager to focus on fulfilling orders, improving customer service, and making forecasts.



      • Managing sales results and comparing forecasts
      • Managing sales team expenses
      • Raising sales revenue while maintaining margins
      • Fieldwork assessment
      • Bidding is inconsistent with actual costs
      • Post order tracking
      • Determining realistic date of contract promise
      • Managing sales issues in many countries in the event of a customer relocation
      • Combining forecasted demand with actions
      • Delivering sales performance analysis to the management





          • Managing multiple systems
          • Delays in obtaining data and reports from the IT system
          • Time-consuming transfer of elementary data to Excel for basic calculations
          • Time-consuming transfer of calculation results to the format used in forecasting
          • Multiple phone calls, factory visits, additional job allocation
          • Casual meetings and emails to establish forecast demand and exchange information
          • Communicate changes to your orders via email, phone calls, or off-line billing
          • Large sales team involved in tracking information
          • The ineffective work of the sales department involves placing or tracking orders
          • No preview of planned sales
          • Additional staff to call and send mail to clients and to control the delivery of the order
          • No realistic date of order fulfillment
          • Valuation rules are inadequate to actual costs and there are no consistent rules for setting margins
          • Lack of ability to anticipate shortages and delays in order fulfillment and problems in informing them
          • High stock levels and low customer service levels due to lack of standard procedures in sales and operations



ERP System for Sales Manager – BENEFITS



            • One source of all information
            • Ability to configure auto-generated reports. Automate multiple sales tasks
            • Faster sales planning cycle and operational activities to make forecasting more accurate
            • Track orders in one system without the need for telephone conversations and involving multiple employees to control order fulfillment at the plant site.
            • Instant and automated notification of orders changes and cancellations
            • Ability to standardize the process of planning the sales process and operations
            • Assessment of operational activities on the basis of all direct reports
            • Improve the productivity of the sales department
            • Faster and more detailed reporting of monthly sales Better management of sales plans
            • Reduced administrative overhead for tracking orders
            • Improved customer service with tracking of orders and setting realistic deadlines and timely delivery Improved handling of shortages and delays in orders
            • Accurate pricing for accurate margins


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