ERP system Guide – how to choosing and implementing

IT systems (especially ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM – Customer Relationship Management or MRP II – Manufacturing Resource Planning) are a very costly investment, and therefore selection of solutions that will satisfy specific needs of the company, and at the same time, which can be easily modified by the employees can be a hard task. RegaIrrespective of which solution you finally choose, the advice presented in this guide will help you make the right investment.

Would you be interested if you could find out about:

• Why is it worthwhile to implement ERP / CRM / MRP system?
• What are the most common threats in the business activity?
• What are the challenges of enterprises in the 21st century?
• What are the example needs related to the implementation of ERP / CRM / MRP?

– in sales management
– in logistics management
– in production management
– and financial management


Maybe you also have such problems in your company:

What are the most common problems in the company?

What problems do you have before implementing the ERP?


More ERP Tips:

• To what it is worthwhile to pay attention before implementation of ERP / CRM / MRP?
• What are the examples reasons, for which it is worthwhile to implement ERP system?
• What are the example Mistakes in the implementation of ERP system?
• What are the example benefits from implementation of ERP system?
• Selection of ERP system, i.e. to what still pay attention?


If you want to develop your company wisely, using ERP system, please ask yourself few questions:

A few questions about choosing ERP


business dangers without erp

Download interesting presentation about ERP:

ERP Guide – part 1ERP Guide - part 1 ERP Guide – part 2ERP Guide - part 2



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