An example of several requirements for an ERP system

ERP requirement 1:

Is the ERP system integrated / homogeneous – working on 1 common database?

Copying of data / documents causes numerous errors that affect customer relationships and reduce the profitability of sales / increase operating costs

What should be done / what should be the data entry process so that you do not have to copy the same document twice (eg invoice)?

Rewriting the same documents is a waste of time and staff frustration – THEREFORE we need a system that runs on 1 database.


ERP requirement 2:

Does the ERP system have built-in reporting tools?

Sending / pasting data to external reporting programs causes numerous errors that affect the making of wrong decisions or the lack of actual information about the company’s condition.

Sending (pasting) data to external reporting programs causes the risk of errors and slows down the process of creating reports / analyzes – THEREFORE we need a system with built-in tools for reporting and data analysis.


ERP requirement 3:

Does the ERP system have a desktop / user interface that accelerates the work of employees?

Problems in handling the current program cause that employees are inefficient or we have to hire additional employees because current staff does not keep up with their daily duties.

The science and service of the current system is very complicated – WHY we need a system that would be similar to MS Office and easy in everyday work.


ERP requirement 4:

Does the ERP system allow you to work on any platform, any device?

Lack of access to data at any time / any place causes that during meetings with customers / suppliers we do not have relevant and up-to-date information and we can not make the right decisions.

Currently, access and entering data to the software used is possible only from the computer on which the program is installed, so we need to use notebooks / Excel / Outlook – THEREFORE we need a system that would free us from the local computer and enable work through the browser or tablet / smartphone.


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