What is an ERP system examples?

How to achieve more efficient work?

More tasks in less time
ERP should be task-oriented system, which is even easier with a graphical layout familiar to Outlook. Tight integration with Office allows you to work with one program. Simple data sharing makes it easy to create documents, presentations or analysis tailored to your needs and expectations. The free flow and synchronization of data between ERP system and Microsoft Outlook eliminate the need to enter the same information multiple times. Accessing data stored in Microsoft Outlook from ERP system makes it easier and more efficient to manage email, meetings, tasks, and contacts.

Full compatibility
With ERP system, you can maximize your investment in IT infrastructure as it works seamlessly with common business solutions. Compatibility with for example Sharepoint gives you an easy way to share information that streamlines the flow of information and documents between employees and business partners. Automatic update of data in ERP system releases from a manual input and prevents mistakes. Integration and compatibility with other software enable faster and smarter communication and reaching new customers no matter what systems they use. Improved support with ERP system enhances the company’s attractiveness in the eyes of new business partners.


The right decision – here and now
Today’s businesses are struggling with huge amounts of data and information, which are spent exploring and updating a lot of time. ERP system allows you to combine and systematize information, giving you access to detailed and up-to-date data at the right time. By having accurate information, it is easier to make the best decisions. Using ERP system to analyze and integrate distributed data, you can gather all your product information in one place, making it easy to find.

Benefits of integrating with other Microsoft products:
• greater efficiency and dynamism of action,
• Accurate decisions based on credible data.
• more time to innovate,
• faster and more enjoyable work,
• simple implementation,
• adaptability to different needs,
• easier information exchange.


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