What to look for when selecting an ERP system in the retail industry

Retail industry + ERP system

The retail industry is characterized by a high dynamics of operations, manifesting itself in the need to respond quickly to customer needs, to analyze their behavior, and to provide them with a high level of service. Thanks to the Internet customers are well aware of market prices and know what the competition situation is. Therefore, the reasons that motivate them to buy can change very quickly. To properly manage the sale, you need to know about consumer behavior. In order to obtain it is used, among others. Innovative IT infrastructure that supports modern sales management techniques (support for multiple sales channels, support for loyalty programs). A powerful application that enables, among other things, efficient customer service, integration of shops and points of sale located in different locations, as well as reduction of costs related to functioning and maintenance of sales units. What is important, the system is flexible enough to be the basis for creating your own, industry-friendly facilities.

Choosing an ERP system in the retail industry

When deciding on an IT management support system for retail, several factors need to be considered. First and foremost, we should put in such a solution, where most of its standard functionality will be easy to fit into a particular activity and its requirements. Many of today’s best systems are modular, so you can only implement the functionality you need in the beginning, and make improvements and extensions only when you really need them. Unlike older ERP systems, today’s flexible solutions can be tailored to practically any relevant process or practice, including financial management, sales and service, manufacturing or human resources.

In the area of information management, the ERP system should offer a formulation of input and processing that will allow managers to more effectively shape the company’s results. Process integration allows for a complete analysis. It makes it easier to make decisions about changes in the offer, pricing, or source selection. This has a direct impact on financial performance. An appropriately selected and configured ERP system will allow for cost-effective forecasting, which translates into proper budget management.

Since ordinary accounting programs do not integrate with the rest of the data (for example, sales and purchase data), it is not possible to control all the activities in the company. A good ERP system is a basis for a comprehensive, efficient control system.
Moreover – the control system can be linked to the sphere of operating and sales.



In the case of retail sales from the ERP system, a significant increase in sales profitability should be expected. This is partly due to a reduction in the cost of sales, but above all it is associated with a significant improvement in customer satisfaction. Customers see the quality of service and goods. Appreciate compliance with deadlines, complaints, ease of access to reliable information.

In addition to choosing the right system, an equally important decision is choosing a competent implementation company. The experience and team of specialists are an invaluable asset. Implementation requires an understanding of the customer’s needs, his system of work and the specificity of the business. In-depth analysis and interviews among employees allow you to determine what kind and sequence of actions should be taken. The implementation takes some time and is interfering with the structure of the client company. A competent implementation company will ensure that this does not result in downtime and any major perturbations. An important part of implementation is the training of employees who will use the system. Knowledge transfer skills, substantive support during and after implementation – all of these elements translate into final results.


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