Mistakes when implementing an ERP system

Examples of ERP mistakes

When deciding to implement an ERP system, you may also make several mistakes that we would like to warn you. Here are some examples:

• Enterprise reorganization and rationalization of activities will not be necessary, and all improvements will be “made themselves” with the implementation of the new ERP system.
• Modern technical resources (ERP, new devices, new computers) will do wonders.
• Difficult personnel decisions will not be necessary.
• After implementing the ERP system, there will be a radical solution to all the problems of the company.
• Implementing an ERP system will not affect employees – they do not have to be involved.
• Any employee can be included in the ERP implementation project – they do not have to be decision makers.
• The goal of the project is to implement the ERP system – there are no other business or organizational goals.
• Most important are the needs and requirements of all users – we accept all wishes.
• Everything for us is very important – we will not divide the ERP project into stages or priorities.
• We do not need analytics or written requirements – we need a “standard” ERP system.

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