What are the plans for upgrading ERP systems?

Elements of upgrade ERP system

An ERP system subscription may include the following:

  • Version updates and system updates
  • Service packs and minor fixes
  • Adaptation to legal and financial changes
  • Access to the Customer / User Portal
  • Access to the Knowledge Base
  • Online training (including eLearning, training materials and curricula)
  • Lifecycle of technical support


Version upgrades and product updates:

Manufacturers attach great importance to the offering of upgrades and updates for ERP systems. Regular functionality enhancements and availability of ERP development plans allow you to plan future upgrades. Thanks to that, the company can develop according to current trends and technology.


Service packs and fixes:

As part of the continuous improvement of the software, manufacturers create and release updates and bug fixes. These patches are often combined into one package (called a service pack) that is available for installation. Each new add-in includes all the fixes that were included with previous service packs and all new critical security fixes. This way, you do not have to install a previous version of the service pack before installing the latest version. This makes updating the system easier.


Tax periods and adjustment to regulatory changes:

Manufacturers update their products, ERP systems, in accordance with legal and statutory requirements, in particular tax law. International systems manufacturers may have different updates depending on the country. In the case of major legal or financial changes, it may be necessary to certify the update by an external entity – eg a reputable audit or opinion company.



Customer / User Portal:

Some manufacturers, in addition to patches and system updates, also provide access to specific portals for users of the system. Such a portal may contain personalized information about products and services, a knowledge base with searchable topics, downloads, documentation, discussion forums, online training, news and other items.

Such portals may be created for the international community, eg only in English or local community in a local language.


Knowledge base:

This tool helps customers and users find answers to frequently asked questions about products. There you will find step-by-step troubleshooting information, solutions to common problems, and articles describing how to perform specific actions.


Online training:

Some vendors of the ERP upgrade subscription also offer pre-recorded Internet training from the basics of system support. Some of the available videos may include detailed discussion of selected topics (such as the ERP module).

In some cases, there are also training materials for users that can serve as learning tools or a handbook.


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