Prepare your company to implement ERP software (1)



It is important to develop the characteristics of your company and industry. This way, when talking to ERP vendors, you will better describe the issues related to your day-to-day business and your business processes.




Correctly implemented ERP system requires effective management. It is therefore important for the company’s employees to select a project team that will be involved in the implementation process. According to many experts, the most common mistake made by business owners is to think that it is enough to involve employees in the project. It is true that they are familiar with the subject matter and nature of their organization, but rarely do they have the design experience, especially from the costly and complex project such as ERP implementation.


Fundamental elements enabling smooth implementation of the implementation projects are commitment and full approval of the management. It is important that managers engage not only at the beginning, but also at all stages of implementation. Keep in mind that lack of management involvement in implementation results in delays and can lead to failure.


The combination of managerial skills, commitment, knowledge of the company, its goals and methodology is the key to success!



Many managers forget how important the methodology is for project implementation. Especially as extensive and important as ERP implementation. Before the final choice of the partner, take a look at the implementation method used by him. If your company does not use the methodology, then for your business, you should exclude it from the pool of potential partners. Whether the project is implemented methodically, affects the effects, and therefore the costs, time and customer satisfaction.


A methodology is a set of rules, tools, and good practices that allow you to effectively perform a specific process. Microsoft Sure Step is a design methodology for deploying Microsoft integrated IT systems. It was developed on the basis of many years of experience gathered by Microsoft consultants and partners. It includes proven procedures, favorably affecting the speed, quality and cost of implementation.


When deciding to implement the ERP system, it should be noted that the potential partner implements projects according to the methodology. Have appropriate experience and design knowledge.


Implementation of ERP software based on the methodology brings many benefits, also for the customer. It allows you to minimize costs, shorten implementation time, improve efficiency and predictability. It is important, however, to remember that the methodology alone will not produce the intended results without the full involvement of the future system users.


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