What are the problems before implementing the ERP?

ERP vs problems in company

Companies that have not yet implemented the ERP software have encountered the following problems in the area of financial management:

• Decrease in profitability of orders and decrease in productivity of employees
• Increased operating costs – increasing stoppage times and lower utilization of resources
• An increase in unproductive working time
• Slower invoicing and accounting for work / supplies
• Falling customer base
• Decrease in customer satisfaction due to increasing delays and unsuccessful orders
• Poor control over expenses, due to the recording of data on paper or in multiple excel



More misunderstandings and problems in the operation of the company:

• Too complex processes and procedures – too many bureaucracies, paper documents and excel sheets
• Too complicated and distracted planning process – planning is taking too long
• Paper, duplicated flow of data and documents – especially in the area of communication between entities or departments subcontracting each other
• Decrease in quality and lengthen the time of incoming information and data – about customers, suppliers, production and companies in the group
• Increased acquisition time for current business results
• Duplication of many of the same activities and documents, resulting in loss of time, prolongation of the entire process of information flow and increased cost of running a business
• Poor or even lack of control in cooperation with subcontractors
• Increasing number of errors due to increasing number of manual jobs and paper documents
• Increasing employee burdens and even overloading them – due to manual and frequently duplicated recording of events and documents.
• There is no common form of reporting and analysis methods, so there is no common and unified picture of the company
• Poor level of security and data access – many unauthorized persons have access to data that they should not
• Increasing time to prepare and perform analysis – especially at many sources / systems in the company


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