When to start implementing the ERP system?

when to start implementing ERP

The moment when the company should start the ERP implementation process

At every growing business comes the moment when ERP implementation is a necessity. Running a business using mainly Excel tables becomes cumbersome and insufficient. The organization begins to have problems processing and distributing data between individual units. Such a company needs a complete system that will facilitate its handling of financial, accounting, HR and payroll and sales processes.

A number of factors determine the need for ERP implementation. The ever-increasing number of customers, the emergence of new products and services on offer, and increased employment – all of these aspects reveal the imperfections of non-integrated management. In addition, the larger the organization, the harder it is to keep order. Downloading and inputting information to many different programs generates frequent errors. Data exchange is becoming a problem – one department’s staff have problems transmitting information to employees in neighboring departments. System administrators are beginning to be flooded with an unmatched number of requests for different software combinations. This phenomenon is particularly evident when the sales network is suddenly developed through own or franchise stores. It is high time to think of effective and user-friendly software that will solve most information management problems in your organization.

For example, in a retail business, the target consumer is the consumer. In order for potential buyers to become real buyers, we must deliver the products at the right time, in the right place, and create the right incentives to buy. With the increase in chain stores, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the category, store promotions or returns, as well as coordinate logistics between stores, headquarters and the store. That is why it is necessary to implement solutions that support process management. A good business management support system can significantly improve your distribution and supply chain management efforts, help you master costs, and make the most of the limited resources with better results.

Introducing an ERP system can build a real competitive edge. However, to achieve this, you need to be aware of many key changes in your business. Implementing technology without changing the way you manage the whole process will only result in minor improvements in your organization’s performance.

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