What is ERP? (definition, meaning)

what is erp system

What for your company means “business management system” (ERP)?

Day by day you run your business activity according to adopted vision and objectives. You support clients, seek new earning possibilities, try to overtake the competition and achieve as much at the lowest cost. Of course, at the same time ensuring that the invested funds would bring the greatest profits.

IT systems and people using them can help to lead the company in the best direction. Business management systems, also known as enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management or Manufacturing Resource Planning can have a key role in economic successes of the company. But how to choose the best system that meets business needs, as well as is enough simple in use to be able to quickly shift and use by the employees?

At the beginning, it is necessary to assess the needs of own company, to determine what problems the system is supposed to solve, to analyze the wide range of currently available software on the market, to state which will be the best and to find experienced IT specialists, who will help in its implementation. If you want to develop your company wisely using IT system, keep on reading. We will help you understand, what IT systems can provide, how to plan the evaluation and design the desired solution. In order to better present the most important issues, we will use fictional history, describing the distribution company going through the process of determining its business needs and defining required solutions.

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