How to achieve the success of ERP implementation?

how to achieve the success of erp implementation

ERP system works (or CRM / MRP) … – what does it mean?

If you think you have achieved an effective ERP implementation, you should check these questions:

      • So is the system properly prepared?
      • Does the system have no errors?
      • Are users properly trained?
      • Have users received job instructions?
      • Are all required data such as files or accounts included in the system?



We have successfully implemented the ERP system – what does it mean?

      • Commissioning system according to customer requirements
      • Start the system at a set time
      • Run the system in a fixed budget
      • Efficient use of the system in the daily work of the company / users



How to achieve successful implementation of the ERP system?

      • The customer must have confidence in the Partner that he or she can do it – using a proven implementation methodology
      • The client and the partner must have complete control over the course of the project
      • The client and partner need to know what they are going to do now, what they are doing, what they will do next
      • The client and partner must have clearly defined responsibilities
      • Customer and Partner must have the tools to create deployment documentation – necessary for further development of the system
      • Customer and Partner must have control over the risk of failure – including through meetings of steering committees (board representatives), problem logs, project documentation, etc.
      • Customer and Partner must be able to schedule tasks for the members of the deployment team
      • The client and partner must have the tools and procedures to correctly import data from the previous system
      • Methodology also takes care of the morale of end users – they will use the system in their daily work
      • That before the end-users see the system, it must be tested and must have positioning instructions



And at the end of the arguments that everyone probably knows:

1) Cheap + good = unfortunately slow (not fast)

2) Cheap + fast = unfortunately bad (not good)

3) Good + fast = unfortunately expensive (not cheap)



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