What else you should know before implementing ERP?

what else before implementing ERP

What is still worthwhile to pay attention before implementation of ERP?

Some of you already have software to manage finances, sale, magazine, or production. The earlier list of needs and requirements to ERP system is not foreign to you. However, there are still many issues about which you don’t know, but you didn’t found yet a solution.

Did you give some thought about similar challenges?

• How to connect CRM software with other software functioning in the company e.g. with warehouse, or finances?
• How to check the prior history of the given customer looking through his file, e.g. current orders, previous invoices, as well as what is often also very important, i.e. promptness of payments?
• How to check the current inventory balances or future supplies at the moment of issuing the order or invoice of the sale?
(Such information can be handed over immediately to the customer and to promise him e.g. specific date of delivery).
• How to streamline posting invoices for sale? Is it possible to implement some mechanism of automatic posting sale invoices without or with limited involvement of accountants?
• How to streamline posting invoices of purchase? Is it possible to automate this process, so that the computer alone could enter purchase invoices into the system?


And in the production companies:

Production planning – how to generate the proposal of production orders based on the current demand (e.g. sale orders)?
Resource planning – how many resources we need (machines, employees) and in what times for the service (performances) of production orders?
Availability planning – how easily and quickly to check, whether all required components will be available (raw materials, semi-finished products) for starting (performances) of production?
Purchasing planning – how quickly to order missing components, check how many it will cost, and what will be the date of delivery?
Flexibility planning – how to change the production plan, because of sudden order from the customer?


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