Benefits of implementing an ERP system in a production company

The most important benefit of implementation, which is highlighted by the company’s management is the high quality of information. As the President of the Management Board says: The ERP system has changed our company very much and introduced us to a new standard of work. The system gives us unlimited possibilities of development. Without knowledge about the company, and about our market environment, which is now so easily available, it would not be possible to grow as fast as we achieve. Without this information, many decisions would be different. It’s about strategic directions for the company’s development. I have the feeling that we are just beginning to fully see how much the system can give us. The implementation forced many changes in the company that gave rise to development. The system simply opened new paths for us. The ways we would not go without having information that is now so easily available.

The head of IT has a similar opinion: it has been some time since the implementation, so the high standard introduced by the system has become in some sense the norm. This can be seen, among others after high quality information that we have from implementation. The great advantage of an integrated solution such as the ERP system is that all information comes from a single source. All data is also available online all the time, for our offices in various parts of Poland and service technicians working in the field. They can not only download the necessary information, but also update it on a regular basis. In the past, this exchange of data between the head office and other locations was delayed. The rapid flow of information and its processing in the system enables easy forecasting. This has a significant impact on our production, which thanks to information from the sales department is very early informed about what will be produced in the next periods.

The satisfaction with the solution is best demonstrated by the fact that the company is trying to upgrade. Three years have passed since the implementation, during which the company has grown significantly. Theoretically, she could start looking for a new solution. However, as the IT chief says: the system is constantly being expanded, the company is growing all the time, and so far we have not found any barriers to developing it. We have not encountered so far what we needed and what we could not create in the system.

Before the implementation, there were inconsistencies between the central base and what really was in the warehouse. Now all data between different company branches are entered with the participation of only one person. Even if it happens that someone misses something, you can easily find in the system who did it. Previously such control was impossible.

The company also appreciates the high quality of work that the system forces in a way. Processes are defined and the system forces employees to work according to these defined rules. As the IT chief says: everything is done in the system, so you can not just get around. Here everything must be done well. In our company, processes have always been at a very good level, but now they simply can not be done badly. The system will not allow it. For us it is a great value. It has been some time since the implementation, so the high standard introduced by the system has become in some sense the norm.

Thus, the implementation of the ERP system in a production company shifted it to a higher level. It was an evolution during which the company gradually adapted to the changes that the system brought. This is how the process is summarized by the President of the Board: the implementation of the ERP system was a development leap for us. And it must be admitted that shortly after implementation it became apparent that many people did not grow up to such a jump. We did not think that the changes would be so deep. Many new processes in the company have been launched only for the sake of the system. It is hardly surprising that not everyone liked it. In retrospect, however, I can say that the more we saw the advantages of the solution, the more the resistance diminished. People eventually became convinced of the system. Now we see how much he gave us. Successful implementation of ERP has shifted the company to a completely different level. We had to wait a bit for the return on investment. Over time, however, profits have increased very much and I have no doubt that this increase is also due to the system.

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