Business challenges – ERP in supply chain

Logistics Management

• There are more mistakes in proper shipping address?
• The number of inbound and outbound shipments has significantly increased in the recent time and you are falling behind with their registration, as well as data errors began to appear (e.g. quantities)?
• Did customers or suppliers force you to implement identification and tracking of series or batch?
• The current software isn’t supporting (sufficiently) services of barcodes or it is significantly impeded (generating, printing barcodes)?
• Once inventory control in Excel was sufficient, and now more errors/gaps appear?
• Number of suppliers increased, and therefore it is harder to control ordered quantities and prices?
• The sales department has more comments and objections to the work of merchants and warehousemen? Or they too often call with questions about deadlines for sale orders?
• The list of slow-moving products is increasing, or for unknown reasons (without the clear need) the inventory balance increases?
• Branches unnecessarily are ordering products, which are available in other locations or central store?
• Checking inventory balances in individual locations takes even more time (e.g. due to increasing number of new locations)?
• Additional costs are not included in the purchase price, thus there is no control over the actual sales margin?


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