Business challenges – CRM for trading company

CRM & Sales Management

• Do you have more and more new clients, which it is harder to control?
• New products were released and it is harder to make the offer, to check the price, to verify discounts?
• The company extends the range of its activity and you have doubts, whether the current system will be able to help you?
• Employees must enter and collect information to and from many various program or Excel files – already too many, by which are getting confused, and more errors appear?
• Due to the diversity of programs, employees of one department cannot exchange information with employees of neighboring departments.
• System administrators are being overwhelmed with increasing number of requests for implementation of new changes, with which the current software is barely managed to operate.
• You can see that it is less and less of regular customers, and more rotate/disposable, and you don’t know why or you know that they are going to the competition?
• There are more situations, where you would like to sell some a product, but it isn’t in the stock and it is not known when it will be.
• Prepared plans and sales forecast do not reflect the actual demand of customers?
• Customers are demanding lower prices and faster order processing, but you don’t know what to tell them?


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