Business Intelligence – functionalities part 1

Do you want to receive current analyzes and reports, no matter how many systems do you use?

OLAP analysis

Business Intelligence provides the user in many places the ability to perform real-time analytics in an effective and instant way (BI in-memory). In addition, if the graphical analysis is too general, the user can go deeper into specific details (so-called drill down).

Interactive visualization

Business Intelligence offers changes in the form of data visualization. Thanks to this you will be able to create views that give the best idea about the analyzed information. You can make changes on-line for instant results. For many visualizations, functions have been provided to allow for sinking into a given portion of data. By using standard tools, you will be able to simultaneously analyze data and visualize the estimation.


Business Intelligence enables estimation of the presented results. Thanks to this you will be able to build probable scenarios of behavior in the future. In addition, our platform provides dedicated modules and tools that allow you to build predictions, long-term plans and behavior rules. In Business Intelligence there are functions and tools that, by referring to history, will help to build the best estimation models. Based on history, you will be able to carry out effective analyzes and build the most probable scenarios for the development of the situation.

Result tables

Thanks to Business Intelligence, you can create plans, indicators, measurable goals, descriptions of result ranges and their interpretation. Thanks to this, you will be able to make summaries and comparisons between the assumed goals and the degree of their implementation with the automatic interpretation of the results achieved at any time.


When working with Business Intelligence, you use standard reports and build your own statements using the parameters declared when calculating or reaching aggregated values ​​in the system. Reports can be distributed respecting access rights. Reports can also be published using an online platform. Many combinations can be generated automatically according to the declared schedule.

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