How to start ERP project?

how to start erp project

At the beginning, it is necessary to answer a few simple questions to state, whether such a system is really needed. In order to collect necessary information at this stage we also offer our experience and assistance.

When is it necessary to consider the implementation of IT management system (ERP / CRM / MRP)?

Are you wondering, is it worthwhile to try a complete IT system for business management? Many of the best contemporary systems have a modular structure, so for the start it is possible to implement only the necessary functionality, and the improvements and extensions when they will be really needed. Unlike older ERP systems, modern flexible solutions can be adapted to practically any significant process or practice activities, including the field of financial, sales and service, production or human resource management.
In order to preliminary assess, what a new system can provide, it is worthwhile to give some thought to significant turning points in the organization or principal areas, in which it is necessary to maximize efficiency, so that the company could develop.


How quickly the company develops?

Recently a significant number of new clients appeared? New products and services are offered? Did employment increase, because employees no longer were able to meet orders? The company extends its range of activity? Systems and software are in the same state, in which they were, when turnovers, number of customers, products and services or employed not yet were mind-blowing?


Does currently systems limit the company’s freedom?

Employees must enter and collect information to and from many various programs (sales, financial, warehouse, logistics, production) – already too many, by which are getting confused. Due to a diversity of programs, employees of one department cannot exchange or link information with information of neighboring department employees. System administrators are being overwhelmed with an unprecedented number of requests for implementation of all sorts of program combinations, with which the current software is barely managed to operate, and it doesn’t seems that people work more efficiently. Or you bought the second company and now somehow it is necessary to connect IT systems of both enterprises.


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