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  • Business challenges – CRM for trading company
    • Do you have more and more new clients, which it is harder to control?
    • New products were released and it is harder to make the offer, to check the price, to verify discounts?
    • The company extends the range of its activity and you have doubts, whether the current system will be able to help you?
  • Business challenges – logistic company
    • There are more mistakes in proper shipping address?
    • Once inventory control in Excel was sufficient, and now more errors/gaps appear
    • The number of suppliers increased, and therefore it is harder to control ordered quantities and prices?
  • Business challenges – production company
    • The number of machines, lines, and manufacture cells is larger and it is harder to manage the production flow?
    • Failures of production machines cause too long stoppages, thus expensiveness?
    • Production efficiency (people, machines) leaves much to be desired, because there is no efficient tool, which would suggest – how much and where to produce?
Mistakes when implementing an ERP system

    • Enterprise reorganization and rationalization of activities will not be necessary, and all improvements will be “made themselves” with the implementation of the new ERP system.
    • Modern technical resources (ERP, new devices, new computers) will do wonders.
    • After implementing the ERP system, there will be a radical solution to all the problems of the company.
  From the need to implement the ERP system
Under current economic conditions, with very changing consumer attitudes, decision-making by manufacturing companies is becoming increasingly complex and problematic.
The effectiveness of the company depends to a large extent on the proper planning – both purchasing, delivery, logistics and the production process itself.
  Exemplary benefits of ERP implementation

    • Reduction of inventory (stocks)
    • Reduction of material costs (purchasing optimization)
    • Reduction of labor costs and production costs
    • Improve customer service and increase sales
    • Increasing the level of accounting control
   Main areas of ERP systems in retail businesses

Thanks to the Internet, customers know excellent market prices and know what the competition is like. Therefore, the reasons that motivate them to buy can change very quickly…

   When should a retail company implement an ERP system?

At every growing business comes the moment when ERP implementation is a necessity. Running a business in Excel tables becomes cumbersome and insufficient…

   What to look for when selecting an ERP system in the retail industry?

When deciding on an IT management support system for retail, several factors need to be considered. First and foremost, we should put in such a solution…

  Different types of ERP systems

A short description of some of the most popular ERP systems…

  How to Improve Your Company’s Financial Management

Small and medium businesses in the business environment, forced to become increasingly competitive, need a financial management tool that offers enhanced functionality and integration with other programs…

  What are the plans for upgrading ERP systems?

    • Elements of upgrade ERP system
    • Version upgrades and product updates
    • Service packs and fixes
    • Tax periods and adjustment to regulatory changes
  What is an ERP system examples?

    • More tasks in less time
    • Full compatibility
    • The right decision – here and now
    • Benefits of integrating with other Microsoft products
   What are the problems before implementing the ERP?

    • A decrease in profitability of orders and decrease in productivity of employees?
    • Increased operating costs – increasing stoppage times and lower utilization of resources?
    • An increase in unproductive working time?
  Prepare your company to implement ERP software (1)

It is important to develop the characteristics of your company and industry. This way, when talking to ERP vendors, you will better describe the issues related to your day-to-day business and your business processes.

  Prepare your company to implement ERP system (2)

The experience of the implementation partner is extremely important, as even a trusting partner, without knowledge or experience, can harm the project. To see what your company has done before, visit its website.


The business environment is an area of constant change. Contemporary companies have to face such challenges as growing competition, developing markets and increasing customer expectations.


    • High level operation and growth of sales level
    • High level of human resources management
    • Reducing storage level
    • Accounting under control
   ERP System for Sales Manager

    • Typical actions or processes in Sales Department
    • Before implementing the ERP system
    • ERP system for sales manager – Benefits
   ERP for Operations Director

    • Typical actions or processes in Operations Department
    • Before implementing the ERP system
    • ERP for operations director – Benefits