18 questions about choosing ERP system

few questions about choosing ERP

Have you asked yourself why you want to invest in an ERP system?

In addition to costs, do you have the planned benefits of such an investment?

Do you know where to start the ERP implementation project, what are the business objectives of this project?


Before you make a decision, consider the business objectives of the ERP / CRM / MRP project. So the following questions should be treated as a homework.

They also want you to know that “price” is not the only choice criterion and that the project is made up of more important elements such as the experience and working style (methodology) of the implementation partner.

Partner knowledge in the project translates into ways to solve certain situations, and which ultimately can translate into the benefits of an ERP investment.


Examples of questions that may help you identify your business goals:

      1. Did you sign a risky contract that turned out to be unprofitable or even lossy?
      2. Have you failed to meet delivery or production deadlines?
      3. Are your resources (employees, machines) overloaded, or are they underrepresented at all, but do you know how much?
      4. Do you struggle with falling profitability and rising costs?
      5. Do you see that handling large amounts of paper mail, invoices, documents takes more and more time?
      6. Do you still need to copy or copy documents (such as invoices) between different programs?
      7. Do you still have physical approval of documents (stamp, signature)?
      8. Is the flow of information too slow or limited and would you like to change it?
      9. Do you search the document in manual (physical) way?
      10. Are there delays in receiving and generating documents (eg purchase or sales invoices)?
      11. Is there a sale with uncontrolled prices, resulting in a low margin or a sale below the purchase price (at a loss)?
      12. Do you see that the material stocks are too large, the store is full, but the sales are too small?
      13. Can you see that the level of bad debt is too high, ie is the sale but no payment?
      14. Production costs are too large and there is no control over them?
      15. Would you like to streamline invoicing by automatically entering OCR to your system?
      16. Is it easy (within seconds) to generate a production order proposal (schedule) based on current demand (eg sales orders)?
      17. Can you easily (within a few seconds) check the required resources (machines, employees) and their deadlines for scheduled production orders?
      18. Would you like to be able to easily check if all required components (raw materials, semi-finished products) are available to start production, possibly from whom can they be ordered?


If you already have the answers to the above questions, then you can choose to ERP system



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