Reasons to implement an ERP system

Examples of why companies are implementing an ERP system.

It can be said that there are too many examples and we will not be able to present all the reasons why it is worth implementing an ERP system. Anyway, everyone must find their reasons, which will be sufficient and convince you to invest in ERP itself. The following list is intended only to point out some directions, to inspire further discussion on this topic …

1. The speed of information – because ERP and CRM allow fast access to information … With the combination of all products, business information is available at any time for any (authorized) user on any device.

2. The credibility of the information – because the information available is certain – that is, through the merging of all departments, all information is the same. You do not need to rewrite documents, copy data between different software.

3. Automation of work – because copying the same documents is a waste of time and frustration for employees … so ERP systems use a single database and all information is available to all employees at the same time (of course, depending on permissions).

4. Ease of use – because of problems with the current program, employees are ineffective and need to hire additional staff, because the current staff does not keep up with their day-to-day responsibilities … That’s why for example Microsoft and SAP outsourced its research to ERP systems by business staff and properly developed its software. To make it easier and faster to perform everyday duties.

5. Easiness to acquire information – because no access to data at any time / place causes that, for example, during meetings with Customers / Suppliers we do not have relevant and up-to-date information and can not make the right decision … Therefore, Microsoft as probably the only manufacturer has developed The technology of automatic, self-adjusting system interface to the device on which the employee works (computer, tablet, smartphone).

6. Easy to use – because gathering information about a particular customer can take quite a long time and requires looking into many places and involving many employees … Therefore, some ERP systems display the most important information in one window and so- One glance.

7. Data analysis – because sending data to external reporting programs causes numerous errors that affect decision making or lack of actual status information … Therefore, for example Microsoft gives customers products that are already linked together (Dynamics + Excel + Power BI). ). You do not need to spend extra money, you do not need to build additional solutions – everything is available “from hand”!


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