Why implement an ERP system?

why implement ERP system

Before implementing the ERP system, ask yourself some questions…

It is also necessary to answer a few simple questions about business processes in your company or the problems you need to solve in your daily work:

• Did you lose a customer, because he went to the competition?
• Did you sign a risky contract, which turned out to be not very profitable or even lossy?
• Did you fail to meet the delivery or production deadlines?
• Do you currently feel that your resources (employees, machines) are overloaded or vice versa are usage, but you don’t know to what extent?
• Are you contending with dropping profitability and growing costs?

What are the challenges of enterprises in the 21st century?

Sometimes in decision making related to investments in ERP system also the current atmosphere and business conditions are decisive. For example, some companies/employees are working more and harder in accordance with the principle of “everything goes down the drain”, i.e. a lot of work, small effect. It is associated with:

• Handling a lot of paper mail, invoices, documents
• Manual prescribing and copying invoices (documents)
• Physical approval of documents (stamp, signature)
• Free or limited flow of information
• Manual searching documents (physical, paper)


Lack of transparency and control sometimes affect such a state of the work:

• Delays in accepting and generating documents (e.g. purchase or sale invoices)
• Lost or omitted purchase invoices
• Too long flow of the acceptance of documents, decisions
• Lack of appropriate procedures of the flow of documents
• Hardly and too late detected irregularities

These challenges affect most companies, particularly those which aren’t using ERP system. Of course, it is only so-called the tip of an iceberg. In order to properly diagnose irregularities and problems, you should as always verify the subject in details.



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